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May 27, 2021 3 min read

We understand that there is a lot of information out there. Part of our mission at Secret Beauty Club is simplifying everyday beauty so that caring for your skin is easy. 

There are many beauty products available online and in-store — lots of different brands and powerful vital components.

It's essential to go for the skin care products with the right health benefits for your skin type. Someone with sensitive skin will have different skin conditions to someone with oily skin, for example. Dry skin or mature skin will need to have an appropriate daily routine to ensure healthy skin.

When choosing your "superfood" skincare ingredient, how do you know where to begin?

Secret Beauty Club When Should I Use A Product With Apple Seed Extract?

Starting: Skin Care & Health

Sometimes, focusing on a natural ingredient is best, especially when you load up on antioxidant properties. It depends on your goals!

Many of us go with the trends or what a friend or family member has recommended. However, trusting the advice of loved ones is not an entirely wrong route. The only thing is that each person has a unique set of skincare requirements — we are never in favor of a one-size-fits-all approach. If you have doubts, it's a good idea to chat with your healthcare professional.

It's essential to make sure that there is credible research behind specific claims and that you're able to see the proven results.

Beauty is far more than skin-deep, and we like to tailor our formulas for many different skincare needs. There are some incredibly diverse natural ingredients out there, and when you're able to take the time to explore, the options seem endless.

Secret Beauty Club When Should I Use A Product With Apple Seed Extract?

Benefits of Apple in Your Skincare Routine

Apple seed extract and apple seed oil are growing in popularity. We all know that the fruit is packed with nutrition and lots of goodness, so it's no surprise that the whole house is loaded up with benefits.

Few things beat the crunch of a bright, fresh apple during an afternoon slump. It is full of energy and flavor, hydrating the body and boosting the mind.

The apple seed oil is full of fatty acids that provide nourishment for the skin and hair. We like to describe an apple as a "power nap" in food form! Unfortunately, many of us don't eat the apple peel, let alone the apple seeds (and we're not judging).

In recent years, scientists have discovered the benefits of the active ingredients within apple seeds. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, apple cell seed extract is a powerful antioxidant to include in your skincare routine.

Secret Beauty Club When Should I Use A Product With Apple Seed Extract?

There is a beautiful apple seed oil within the apple seed that is rich in fatty acids. Apple seed oil is also a natural sun protector — keeping skin safeguarded from the harsh UV rays. The famous saying that dynamite comes in small packages? An apple with all its parts ticks this box over and over again.

We are all for the power of natural ingredients. So, it's important to us to look to nature as the source of our research. The Secret Beauty Club has Apple Seed Stem Cell Serum at the forefront of the beauty cupboard. Apple seed extract is the main ingredient within this action-packed formula. It is full of antioxidants that do wonders for the skin!

We don't keep our beauty discoveries hidden from our community — stem cell longevity is indeed the secret to healthy, glowing skin. With regular, consistent use, the apple seed found in our serum increases the lifespan of cells. This delays and begins to reverse the signs of aging and the skin's aging process.


Focus on Skin, Health & Your Routine

As we move through different stages of beauty, we begin to assess, reassess and target the essentials of what we need with beauty and care.

We went through our Secret Beauty Club products to outline which would be best for which skin type and stage of beauty (you can read the full version here ), but to sum it up, apple seed extract is our go-to for wrinkle and scar repair.

The Apple Seed Cell Serum is specially put together for the face. It's an advanced formula specifically designed to target aging and wrinkles. This serum reduces fine lines, boosts collagen, and the added hyaluronic acid is all about some beautiful hydration.

We hope you'll soak up and love the nourishment!

Apple seed extract is an ingredient that can tackle many diverse needs. We appreciate the power of nature and its natural components, and we will strive to include the most recent, innovative research in our formulations.


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