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June 10, 2021 4 min read

Collagen. If you're in the beauty space (or just familiar and keep up with articles and updates), you would have heard and seen the word “collagen” almost everywhere.

How beneficial is collagen for your skin specifically, and is it worth the hype?

Secret Beauty Club will always let you in on our skincare secrets. We're going to unpack collagen step-by-step.

Secret Beauty Club The Link Between Collagen and Overall Skin Health

Collagen Production

So, where does this popular ingredient come from? Collagen is made naturally in the body. Animals have it too! It is an abundant protein that helps us build and connect tissues within our body (think skin, bones, and all of those beautiful connective tissues). Your collagen levels are building blocks for skin elasticity

As we get older, our body's ability to naturally create collagen starts to decrease, and this is where the gap is to feed and boost your skin with a product. The health benefits and protective effects of collagen content in the body help to combat the negative pressure of life's adverse events.

External factors such as smoking, pollution, and UV exposure can also cause our levels to decrease. Your diet (taking in too much sugar, unprocessed foods, and refined carbohydrates) and high-stress levels can also play a role.

Secret Beauty Club takes a holistic approach to beauty — feeling good and taking care of ourselves is both an internal and external thing.

Secret Beauty Club The Link Between Collagen and Overall Skin Health

Collagen in Skin Care

Research has shown that there is a distinct link between nutrition and skin aging. There's a lot that we can tell by just listening to our bodies. When you've had a stormy night's rest, your skin may look and feel puffy: your eyes are dry, and you could have dark under-eye circles.

If you're eating on the go and loading up with lots of caffeine and sugar, your energy can crash quickly, you retain water, and your skin can end up feeling dehydrated and looking blotchy.

These adverse effects of life on the go cannot always be avoided.

When you are in your usual routine of drinking enough water, getting the right amount of sleep for your body, and using your skincare products — you will probably feel a lot more “together,” and your skin is happier too. Think about the possible role of collagen in your skincare routine.

Secret Beauty Club The Link Between Collagen and Overall Skin Health

Benefits of Collagen

Some nutrients have been found to support the production of collagen. One could start with including vitamin C (look to your citrus foods such as oranges, lemons, and strawberries), proline (you can get this by loading up on egg whites and other proline-rich foods such as cheese and cabbage), and vitamin A (this is high in animal organs such as liver).

When you're enjoying a balanced diet full of collagen and protein-rich foods, you're taking in a diverse plate of vitamins and minerals and can rest well knowing that you're doing what you can to load up on your collagen in the most natural way! This diversity usually includes a wide range of foods which will ensure that you're taking in a good amount of vitamin C.

The role of collagen is to help our skin stay soft, flexible, and plump. There are many beneficial effects; it is also vital in maintaining flexible joint health and strong bones.

In the last while, we have seen an influx of collagen drinks, collagen supplement powders (for the addition to tea, coffee, smoothies, soup, broth, and casseroles), collagen-infused snacks, and even sweet treats and chocolate bars. Yes, variety is the spice of life, but the research must be there to hold up the claims — especially when it comes to the expensive, more luxury-type collagen supplements and products.

Nutritional supplements such as collagen powders, oral supplements, and topical products can form part of a healthy diet. If you're prone to having allergic reactions to dairy products, it's always a good call to test out the collagen products before weeks of intake. Check the collagen content and type of collagen to ensure you're getting the benefits of potential repair to oxidative damage to the dermal layers of the skin and more.

Secret Beauty Club The Link Between Collagen and Overall Skin Health

Secret Beauty Club & the Role of Collagen

Secret Beauty Club has created products that penetrate the deeper layer of skin. The topical application of these products has beneficial effects — working with our bodies to stimulate collagen production and prevent wrinkle formation. The amino acids work to ensure healthy skin, alleviating skin wrinkles for a more youthful appearance.

Our Apple Seed Cell Serum contains apple seed extract, which helps rev up the skin's ability to produce collagen. It has an anti-aging effect on the appearance of wrinkles. This powerful ingredient does a lot for aged skin, and if your aim is collagen production and blood flow, we recommend pairing this serum with our Micro Derma Roller. The derma roller is an effective way to allow skin cream and serums to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.

Another serum that works well for dry skin is our Hyaluronic Acid Soothing Serum. It lifts the skin's moisture levels.

This combination is designed for easy, at-home use. The tiny needles in the roller penetrate the skin — allowing the serum to soak into the lower layers of the dermis. As the skin works to “repair” the tiny punctures the roller has made, the body starts to gear up to produce collagen. As this restoration takes place, it is the beginning of a plumping up of the skin, and you'll enjoy a natural glow.

With a consistent approach, continued use, combined with lifestyle management, you're able to make the most of the benefits of collagen and your skin health.

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