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December 20, 2021 3 min read

A beauty wishlist is your place to plan, dream and conquer. Creating a list of beauty and skincare products will ensure that you know exactly what you want and need when the time comes. Secret Beauty Club understands that skincare is an investment. Therefore, taking the time to research the beauty products you want and need will be worth it in the long run. 

The first step is to understand your skin type, your beauty goals, and your skin concerns. Once you’ve got these thoughts established, you can begin to build that beautiful, exciting beauty wishlist.

When is the best time to create a beauty wishlist? Always! If you have a special occasion coming up, it’s nice to have a few items in mind that you can share with eager friends and family. It can also be a list that you keep for yourself to work towards. Maybe it’s your beauty and skincare list to help you set up that sustainable skincare routine you know you need to prevent premature aging. Regardless of the reasoning behind it, you will be happy to have your list to refer back to as decisions need to be made.

For our beauty and skincare enthusiasts, we’re sure that you already have some products in mind. Whether you enjoy the benefits of hyaluronic acidEGFapple seed extract, or DMAESecret Beauty Club has a product to add to your beauty wishlist. There are constantly new beauty trends and products coming to the surface. If you are easily swayed into buying new products and then end up wasting, a beauty wishlist can keep you on track with the products you want.

These are some of the items on our beauty wishlist in 2021. So take a peek — we’re almost sure you’ll be adding them to yours too!

Secret Nourishing Oil

Our Secret Nourishing Oil is a popular choice for hydration. It is made with rosehip oil, almond oil, and aloe vera. This beautiful product is full of juicy antioxidants and fatty acids for healthier, younger-looking skin. Our customers love that they can use the Secret Nourishing Oil for the face, body, and ends of the hair. In addition, the multi-purpose usability makes this product an ideal gift for self others. It is rich and deeply hydrating but leaves no greasy residue. Natural body oil is a staple to be combined with your moisturizer and daily skincare routine — especially in those dry, cold months when your skin may need an extra boost. Find out more about the best naturals oil to use on your face over here. The gentle scent and the deep hydration from the natural ingredient list are game-changers in the skincare world.

Micro Needle Derma Roller

The Secret Beauty Club Micro Needle Derma Roller is an easily portable, sleekly designed skin tool with a comfortable handle and 0.25 mm microneedles set at the front. The tiny needles make small punctures in the skin that allow your skincare product to penetrate the skin deeply. As the skin works to repair "damage," the skin's collagen production is ramped up, and you will enjoy an improved skin texture and warm glow. The derma roller also helps to reduce fine lines, minimize pores, and even out the skin texture. Not sure whether or not the micro derma roller is the right beauty product for you? Maybe you’d just like a little more insight into how this anti-aging product is used. We take you through all of the information and more over here.

Secret EGF Serum

The Secret EGF Serum stimulates the skin's collagen production and renewal process so that you can enjoy a firmer, smoother skin texture. As your skin works to regenerate the cells, fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes are reduced. In addition, EGF is a potent ingredient known to reduce the healing time of wounds when applied topically. Therefore, when including this product in your day-to-day, you can enjoy the healing benefits of acne scars and stretch marks. In addition, the acne scars on your face will be less visible, and if you apply the serum to other scars on your body, you can expect the same. These skin care advantages are on top of the anti-aging benefits we hold at the forefront of this popular EGF serum.

Secret Beauty Club has a wide variety of beauty products to choose from. All of our products are made with clean, clinically proven, high-quality ingredients that nourish your skin. So 

whether you're looking to improve the skin's texture, smoothness, or moisture, we have created straightforward and effective formulas to help you with all of your skin's needs. So shop now, or add to your beauty wishlist!

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