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June 17, 2021 4 min read

Taking care of your skin is the first step to enjoying a lifetime of natural beauty. It doesn’t need to be complicated, time-consuming, or expensive - just an everyday consistent commitment to yourself and your skin. There are a few basic tasks to include in your daily routine: keeping your skin clean, not overly touching your face, using the right products, and setting out a time to cleanse, tone, and moisturize (both morning and night preferably). There are easy ways to make this a habit, and we’re going to dive into some quick tips to creating your own beautiful and sustainable skincare routine. Once this is solid, it is easy to maintain, and you’re able to go through the wholesome routine with hardly any thought! It will be a natural flow of life, and your skin will thank you for it!

When you are carving time out of your day to take care of your skin, you will start to see the benefits. Using an SPF in your daily moisturizer will help protect your face from sun damage and prevent the signs of early aging. If you’re prepared to take the small steps now, it will save you money on expensive treatments and products later on. It’s true that when your skin feels and looks healthy, it is a good indicator of your overall health and wellbeing too. 

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you’ll know that the Secret Beauty Club believes in a rounded, holistic approach to beauty. We understand and appreciate the importance of a balanced diet, taking in enough water, making time to exercise (in whatever form you enjoy most), and reducing stress. When combining these lifestyle factors with consistent use of the skincare products that work for you, you’re on your way to set up a sustainable routine that will keep you feeling confident.

It makes your routine exciting when you have skincare products that you can look forward to using. Whether it be the beautiful, soft smell of your moisturizer or the lightly fruity scent of your toner - these small touches add to the experience of your day-to-day routine. Let your morning and evening “me-time” be something you get excited about; the time you have set out in your day to connect with yourself and check in with your skin and body. We so quickly brush past the moments to care for ourselves and then spend a lot more time focusing on the needs of those around us. There is no shame in realizing that you have got into the trap of putting yourself last on the list. It is good to acknowledge where you are and make some minor adjustments in finding your way to or back into a sustainable skincare routine. You could do this in a few different ways, but we recommend keeping it super simple. We often get asked for an example, and the easiest and best routine we could put forward is the one that sticks for you. Start by finding the products that serve your skin in the best way possible. If you have dry skin, make sure you’re equipped with products that will hydrate and nourish your face. Maybe you have sensitive skin that needs a little extra care, or you want to focus on anti-aging - understanding your skincare needs will make finding the right products a lot easier. 

Simple tricks like keeping your face wash in the shower will help you remember to use it. Hands need to be thoroughly cleaned before using them to massage the product into your skin. If you are washing your face at the basin, keep your cleanser close by so that it doesn’t feel like a hassle to get it out. You want a clean, soft, dry towel to pat off your face once you’ve washed your skin, so make an effort to have one hanging nearby. It’s a mission to walk with a wet, dripping look to find a towel. Once you’ve gently dried off your face, use your toner with a soft cotton pad to clear off any excess cleanser and to prepare your skin for the moisturizer. This doesn’t need to be a long process, but be mindful about what you’re doing. Appreciate your skin, your face, and the unique features you hold. Making this process a positive, uplifting experience can turn your entire attitude and confidence around. Next, you want to moisturize. With a cleansed and toned face and neck, you’re ready for the nourishment: your moisturizer. Apply this in upward motions, massaging the skin as you allow the cream to penetrate your face deeply. Don’t forget about your neck - use the same upward movements as the cream soaks in. The massaging stimulates blood flow and will give you a radiant glow. There are many added extra’s that you can include in your routine - feel free to spice it up with your special touches. Your healthcare professional may have one or two more suggestions for you to take your skincare to the next level. Starting with the basics will give you an excellent foundation and a habit that will serve you in all stages of beauty.

Regardless of the time spent on your skincare routine, it is essential just to get started. No matter your age, skin type, or concern, set out a time where you can take care of yourself and your skin. The easier it is to go through, the more likely you are to keep it up and make it sustainable. We encourage you to create beautiful, healthy habits so that you enjoy your journey of beauty.

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