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May 13, 2021 3 min read

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is an ingredient that is naturally produced and found in the body. We get that it may not sound like that, though - when first rolling off the tongue, this term comes across as a bit scary and almost harsh. Thankfully, it's all just in the language, and hyaluronic acid is quite a gentle but powerful addition to your everyday skin routine. In a nutshell, it pulls water from the air and allows your skin to keep moist throughout the day. Babies are full of it, and thinking of "baby soft skin" - makes sense! The plump, smooth and soft skin is owing to the high amount of hyaluronic acid. There are many ways to use it - some have it injected as a type of filler, take it in supplement form, or use it topically.

Similar to collagen, our natural hyaluronic acid production starts to decrease as we get older. It's nothing to shy away from as it's a natural and beautiful part of the journey! As we get older, we become more established and can enjoy new avenues of life and beauty. The significant drop in the body's ability to create hyaluronic acid starts from the age of 40. It's nothing to be too concerned about though, with the right product, we're able to give back to keep our skin moisture at optimal levels. What makes this ingredient so powerful is its ability to hydrate and penetrate the layers of the skin deeply. We know that dehydrated skin can be one of the prime causes of aging; our cells need to hold moisture. Our environment, air quality, sun exposure, and stress are all some of the culprits that lead to a reduction in skin quality, and from this, premature or early aging. Take back control with the proper skincare routine and products. 

Our Hyaluronic Acid Soothing Serum is a formulation with oatmeal, hemp oil, and ginger root extract. It has a hydrating, healing, and anti-inflammatory effect. The ginger is potent in stimulating cells, protecting and calming the skin. Our serum has been formulated with key ingredients to work beautifully in improving elasticity and reversing free radical damage. You can use this serum underneath your moisturizer for an extra boost or enjoy the attractive benefits on its own. It's key to apply serum to a clean, cleansed face.

Now that you know a bit more about what hyaluronic acid is and where it comes from, it is time to think about whether it is a suitable ingredient for your needs. Here at Secret Beauty Club, we understand that the products you choose enter a personal stage and step of your life. We want to make sure that you feel informed and empowered throughout the process. There is so much out there, and that is why we aim to bring beauty back to basics.

You can use a product containing hyaluronic acid every day without worrying that it will be too strong for your skin. The Secret Beauty Club Hyaluronic Acid Soothing Serum is ideal for regular use by those over 40 who hope to plump up, minimize the appearance of wrinkles, and put back moisture into the skin. Our clients who struggle with sensitive, dry skin or go through dry patches opt for this product. Hyaluronic acid can be a beneficial ingredient for hydration, no matter what stage of beauty you’re in.

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